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Thursday, 12 April 2012 19:14

Estancia Wedding

Estancia wedding and reception

Some of the pictures from the cereomy




Reception photos










Thursday, 08 September 2011 21:05

Disco Party Lighting

Disco Party Lighting

Check out the latest party we where involved in.  We provided uplighting and psychedelic gobo lighting for the the pool and other areas.  It was a great party put on by a great wedding planner in San Diego.  Jessica Gillon from Events by Design designed the theme and the decor.  Everyone had a great night and danced the night away to all the 70's tunes you could think of.  Check out the pictures below for some of the fun had by all.  Photos are courtesy of Bauman Photographers.

The venue



Inside the tent with one of the two LED dance floors.


The girls hard at work.


The second LED dance floor over the jacuzzi.  Uplighting in the trees.



The view of the tent from the outside.


Gobo lighting.


Wednesday, 10 August 2011 18:28

Christmas in July

Christmas in July

San Diego Wedding Lighting. We had the privilege of providing lighting for an event at the Maderas Golf Club in San Diego CA a couple of weeks ago.  Maderas had invited many of their corporate client and wedding clients to experience some of Maderas's favorite vendors.  Here are some of the pictures from the event.  We used amber uplights to light the room around the edges.  The goal was to provide amber up lighting to show the colors of the wall and bring out the colors of the room.  Thanks to Bauman Photographers for the pictures provided.  There were many vendors involved in making this event happen and it was a pleasure to work with all of them.


Some of the amber uplighting in the background

amber uplighting

Sweet Cheek Bakery Provided all the goodies for the evenings events.

sweet cheeks bakery

Outside Design for Maderas.  Great views out there.

maderas outside


Table Top Designs inside the main ballroom at Maderas.




Oxygen Bar provided outside for guests enjoyment.


What make a good event


Great food to complete the event


How to pick the right lighting for my indoor wedding or event

If you are like most people you are planning your wedding or event for the first time and haven't ever thought about lighting and what it will do for your wedding or event.  Consider lighting as a part of your overall decor budget.  It helps create a mood and sets some of the tone for the evenings events.  Lighting is a way to take a dull space and transform it along with your other decor into something special and unique to you.  There are many different styles and options when it comes to lighting out there so take the time and discover what will work for you and your budget.  Most client don't have any idea or the cost of lighting.  Typically lighting is going to run between 4% and 10% of your total event or wedding budget.  Some clients opt for the DIY method and rent the lighting from us and set up on their own.  This will save time in labor and delivery but remember lighting done correctly will take hours to set up and tear down.  Don't underestimate the time needed for such a project.  Here is some examples of lighting and what they can do for your wedding or event.

Up Lighting

 This can either be in the form of traditional can uplighting using 100-1000 watt light bulbs with a color gels sheet to create the color you are looking for or LED uplighting.  Both lights have advantages and disadvantages.  For starters traditional uplighting is cheaper the LED's because of the cost of the fixture and the time needed to set them up with labor, but remember just as any incondense lighting source the light can get very hot and use tons of power.  If power is a concern this option will not work well.  You don't want to have your DJ or band playing and all the circuits blow out because of a power concern.  LED's are a great option when you want to get that perfect color.  Most lights have to option when connected to a source to mix them to produce 1 - 2 million colors of light.  They also use very little power so there is no worries regarding blowing circuits at an event or wedding.  As with traditional can uplighting their only real down side is the cost of labor to install and run them. 

Some examples below of both types of lighting 

Traditional Uplighting


LED Uplighting


Gobo Lighting - The next most typical for of lighting is monogram or gobo lighting.  Very simple stuff here.  A gobo or monogram is either a design of a couples initials or date of the event or some type of pattern or landscape that is projected onto the floor, wall, or ceiling.  Most of the time this is accomplished by either hanging a light from the ceiling if permissible or putting the light on a tall stand.  Many styles can do into this.  If you are doing a monogram of the event or couples initials I would recommend that they use the same design as provided in the invitations.  This keeps the wedding or event having the same look from the time of invite to the celebration time.

Monogram Example


Gobo Pattern Example


Pin Spot Lighting - This form of lighting is used to enhance and brighten centerpieces, cake tables, food stations and/or any other focal points of the space.

Pin spot lighting example



That should get you off to a good start when choosing your lighting.  Contact us with questions or needs.  We are happy to assist.


Monday, 16 May 2011 17:39

Maderas Photo Shoot

Maderas Lighting Photo Shoot

We had the opportunity to work Maderas over the last couple weeks on a photo shoot for lighting. We used pin spots, uplighting, led lighting, monogram lighting, and effects lighting. See below some of the pictures of our time together.

Pin Spots


Monogram Lighting




Special Effect with uplighting

special-effects lighting

Special Thanks to

Bauman Photographers

Maderas Golf Club

Saturday, 26 February 2011 00:56

Mama's Kitchen Presidential Dinning Experience

Mama's Kitchen Presidential Dinning Experience

 La Luz Events was proud to be a part of the Mama's Kitchen Presidential Dinning Experience for the last two years.  We provided blue LED's in the main dinning area.  A wonderful group of vendors worked very hard on producing this event.  The name of the event was called opposites attract and it was based around a 4 course meal with food and wine paring

Mama's Kitchen


The event was planned by two great event planners. Thomas Bui from Thomas Bui Lifestyles and Jessica Gillon from Events by Design.


The meal was set in the kitchen where all of the food is prepared on a daily bases for the needy people around our county.


led lighting san diego

The Band for the evening was fantastic and provide a variety of music through the evening.

led lighting


Julie from Dining Details put on a cooking demonstration for the audience between each course and explained the food.

dining details

julie frans dining details

Overall the evening was a great sucess and all of the guest enjoyed the evening.

led lighting

Some of the vendors who put this together.

Dining Details

The Wine Heretic

Thomas Bui Lifestyles

Concepts Event Design

Events by Design

Joes on the Nose

Resolusean Photography

Monday, 07 February 2011 19:28

Going Green


Going Green

Thinking about a green wedding?  Wondering where to start?  Well let’s talk green lighting for a second.  Lighting can take a colorless venue and renovate it into a beautiful setting with dazzling colors and patterns, but to do this green takes careful preparation and consideration.  Regular event lighting uses a lot of energy to run all of the lights.  A single up light can consumes between 300 - 1000 watts.  Now average that for a small event with 15 lights even at 300 watts for 6 hours and you are using 27 kilowatt hours of power for one event.  At today’s cost of electricity that is about $10 of power cost.  Now multiply that by thousand of events going on a day the numbers really start to add up.   Now let’s take the same number of lights and go green by using LED lights.  If we use 15 - 24 watt LED’s we only use 2.1 kilowatt hours.  This is a savings of over 92%, which is a huge number.  Again multiplied over thousands of events and LED lighting really starts saving everyone.  So next time you are thinking about lighting think about the effects of going green and using LED’s at your event.    LED lighting can be found in every aspect of lighting from wall washers to string lighting.  There is always and alternative LED to any light source for your wedding or event.

The following table illustrates how various energy storage systems would store this amount of energy:


0.0007695 gallons of gasoline (0.004506 pounds)

0.003825 pounds of natural gas (0.09238 cubic feet at 14.7 psi),

0.001509 pounds of hydrogen Gas (0.2927 cubic feet at 14.7 psi),

a lead-acid battery weighing 1.653 pounds

Mechanical (Kinetic)

a high-tech flywheel weighing about 1.984 pounds

a 3000 pound car traveling at 26.74 miles per hour


melting a block of ice weighing 0.6433 pounds

heating a 1.124 gallon tank of water by 10 degrees F.

evaporating 0.09503 pounds (about  0.0114 gallons) of water

Heating a 51.22 pound hunk of concrete by 10 degrees.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011 19:57

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